Gorgonzola and garlic butter risotto with scallops

There was a sale on the rice for risotto once at the supermarket so I decided to buy one pack, and I said "ok one day I'll try".... But honestly I was scared to test it because I heard too many bad things about risotto : it's long to make, you have to be careful with the cooking and the preparation, it's hard to make... anyway all those things to disgust you from making it ! And TODAY, I don't know why, I felt motivated and totally available and fearless to make it. I give you the recipe I used for this dish, but usually, the original is made with butter and not with garlic butter. But I wanted to bring a little bit of color and honestly I'm a great fan of garlic butter that I find tastier than classic butter that we use everyday.  In addition to that I replaced the wine by vinegar (the white one). But you can decline the risotto in many many ways...

Ingredients for 2 persons :
- 150g of rice for risotto 
- 50g of garlic butter
- 40cl of vegetable stock (one cube and water)
- 1 onion
- 1 teaspoon of white vine (or whit vinegar if you don't want to put alcohol)
- 8 scallops
- parmesan 
- Salt and pepper

Cut the onions. 

Melt the cube of stock in the water and save it next to you.
Pan fry the scallops with garlic butter. But don't make it too long because the scallops will be too hard and dry then. I would say only 2 or 3 mn in the pan, not more, depending on your stoves.... Save them as well.
In a pot, brown the onions with a little bit of garlic butter until they are translucent.
Decrease the power of the stove and add the dry rice in the pot with the onions. 
Once the rice becomes translucent and pearly, add the wine (or vinegar depending on the option you chose).
Let the vinegar be absorbed by the rice. Once the vinegar is absorbed, add a ladle of stock and cover the rice with it. 
Let the stock be absorbed by the rice. Once it is over, add another ladler and wait for the absorption of the stock. Repeat this action till the end of the stock. 
Put salt and pepper.
Add a piece of gorgonzola and mix it with the rice. Normally, the risotto should have reached a creamy texture
Add the parmesan in the rice and mix it up all together. 
Put the scallops on the rice in order to heat them only one or 2 minutes. 

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