This is an African recipe that I knew from my cousine's in laws who are Guinean. These look like little empanadas with tuna but they can be stuffed with minced meat as well. These little things are fried. I got this recipe from my friend Afrolicious Pastry (you can visit her facebook page HERE) : she posted a pic with pastels on it and you can imagine my reaction being totally mental : What ???? Don't tell me these are pastels ???! and because she is the sweetest girl, she sent me the recipe; I thank her a lot by the way ! The quantities are not very precise, as in most of African recipes but as Foodaholic I'm sure you will be able to taste these wonderful pastels !

- tuna
- mashed tomato sauce
- parsley
- garlic
- pepper
- a Maggi Cube

- around 400g of flour
- between 100g and 150g of butter
- a pinch of salt
- water (no more than a glass)

Prepare the stuffing but mixing all the ingredients (putting the Maggi Cube at the end)
Prepape pastry : mix flour and salt first
Add the butter and try to reach the consistency of a sand pastry
Add water little by little
Put flour on a table and roll over the pastry
Shape little empanadas
Fry them in hot oil
Eat with tomato sauce with onion

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