Tunisian "Fricassés"

I wanted to eat them for a long time so I found the motivation to make them, in spite of the heat which is litteraly killing me here :) These little sandwiches are typical from Tunisia. They are made of a bread which looks and tastes as a savory fritte. It is filled with a stuffing : potato, carots, tuna, olive and normally eggs. I adapted the recipe of the stuffing according to our taste, then you will note that I didn't put eggs in it.

Ingredients (for 8 Fricassés)
- 250g of flour
- salt
- baker's yeast (half a cube)
- water

- 1 potato
- 1 carot
- tomato tuna
- olive
- caper
- parsley

Begin  by making the bread
Put flour, salt and water in a bowl and shape the most homogenenous dough roll that you can
Leave to rest for 30mn
Boil potato and carot
Take the dough and shape little balls
Flatten them a little and pinch the ends of the balls
Leave to rest for 15mn again
Take popato and carot and cut them into little pieces in a bowl
Add tuna, olive and caper
Chop parsley finely and add it to the stuffing
Fry dough
As soon as it is out of the frying oil, take a knife and cut into 2 the little bread (don't wait for it to be cold, because the bread will be too hard to be cut)
Fill the bread with the stuffing

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